I’ve visited Washington as a child, but I’m honestly soooo glad that I was able to visit again. This has been one of the BEST get-a-ways ever !! Not because I was able to take a mini vacation with my soulamtes but because I was actually able to learn more about my history.

The main purpose of this trip was to visit the African American museum. This museum has opened my eyes tremendously. It guides you through literally everything about African American history and how we were able to take such a negative aspect of our lives (slavery) and create EMPOWERMENT.  I am SO very PROUD to be of African American decent but this museum just made me feel even more BOMB lol. If you plan on visiting, it’s a must !! Be sure to get the advance ticket or you’ll be standing on a long line forever lol. You can get advance tickets online the day you decide to go, at 6am. Make sure to visit the site on time because the tickets sell out in literally 10 minutes (I witnessed it lol)







Cancun Mexico


My sister surprised me with a trip to Mexico for my birthday and I have to admit it was the best vacation I’ve been on. The country is BEAUTIFUL, and the people were even more amazing. We stayed at the Cancun Bay Resort, not too far from the strip ( if you plan on visiting I would highly recommend this hotel). We did soo much I can barely remember most of it lol. If you plan on visiting please visit COCO BONGO. Boy oh boy is that place Litt AF, its a combination of a show and party which is pretty cool. Im thinking of ways to explain it but I honestly can’t, there was too much going on and I was a little too intoxicated to even comprehend it lmao.



We were able to do the underwater museum excursion, it consisted of visiting another island, swimming with sharks, parasailing and the obvious, visiting the underwater museum. I believe we only paid $43 per person, which was a HUGE plus. WARNING, I got really sea sick doing this activity ( I was one of many lol) so if you plan on doing the underwater excursion sit towards the back of the boat and try your hardest to draw your attention from the rockiness.


The parties on the strip are good as well, they play all types of music. Almost every bar or party has a $20 dollar cover charge but this charge includes unlimited drinks (its a win, win). Where ever you go people are always trying to sell something to you or negotiate prices which was annoying but after a while you realize that this is their job and negotiating prices never hurts lol.


Virginia Beach


Visited Virginia Beach for spring break with my amazing best friends. I had sooo much fun; which was kind of a surprise to me being that I wasn’t expecting it to be as thrilling. There is literally everything on the strip, near Atlantic Ave. Our favorite place to visit was Peabody’s; their happy hour was AMAZING, 2 dollars for every and any drink during happy hour, did I hear BARGAIN !! If you do plan on going I would highly recommend it, all the bars were very diverse and entertaining. The only set back is everything closes early on Sundays so there’s not much to do, but overall it was a great experience.




Chix Seafood Grill & Bar








Miami Carnival


Went to Miami Carnival with my awesome best friend Mel.  Almost every year she plays mass. This year she invited me along and I’m so glad I did. This was my very first time playing in a carnival and ill tell you it Won’t be my last! I had the best time, loud music, food, drinks what more could a girl ask for lol. I played with Euphoria Mass, unfortunately, the costume looked nothing like the image online which was very disappointing. Other than that I had a great time. There was literally a party every night so there is no way you could be stuck in a hotel doing nothing. I recommend you go whenever you get a chance, it was a lifetime experience.



Myrtle Beach



Went on spring break vacation with my lovely best friends to Myrtle Beach. I have to say this by far was the best vacation I’ve ever taken. Everyone was so very friendly and helpful. Our hotel was a ten-minute walk from celebrity circle. Celebrity circle was literally our go-to place everyday (haha). There are many bars, shopping areas, and great places to eat ! I was able to ride a helicopter for the first time (for only 20 dollars) and it was truly a lifetime experience. The music is diverse but they aren’t allowed to play the newest hip-hop music which was quite annoying but I still enjoyed myself. If you ever plan on visiting I suggest you do.





Dominican Republic


Visited Punta Cana, it was an awesome experience. Besides the fact that I don’t understand Spanish all too well I still managed to find a way to communicate. The people in Punta Cana were really nice and welcoming. everywhere you turn there are motorcycles asking you if you need a ride, some would even drive you around for free. The food was absolutely amazing a meal was only like 4-6 dollars ( so cheap compared to our prices). One thing I must say about D.R is that they are always willing to compromise so once you hear a price don’t be scared to negotiate and get it for a cheaper price it’s very easy.



St. MaartenDSCN1786

DSCN1784 DSCN1782 DSCN1752

I booked a trip with my sister to St. Maarten the most beautiful country I have ever visited. The people are extremely friendly and nice and because it is such a small country everyone is very interactive with one another just like family. There is a total of 37 beaches in St. Maarten which all include and endless amount of water activities. The country is very diverse, so there are plenty of foods to choose from ( can’t forget to mention food) and the parties are all very diverse as well they play all types of music from R&B to techno. Every first Monday of August a huge beach party is held in Anguilla (not too far from St Maarten) where everyone gathers together to party and have a good time. It was an awesome experience being able to meet new people, but an even greater experience being able to enjoy a country like this that isn’t time consumed really allows you to value what you have. Being able to travel is a huge eye opener knowing that there is much more to life than just the life you’re living. If you ever plan on visiting any country I would recommend St.Maarten this trip was by far the best !!




Last month my best friend and I took a trip to California on an adventure to visit as many cities as we could. Within that week we ended up visiting Las Angeles, San Fransisco, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Santa Barbara and lastly San Diego.

Malibu Beach/ Pacific Coast Highway Coast

My Friends and I decided to grab lunch at The Paradise Grove. We ended sitting outside, the view was absolutely breath-taking. The warm breeze and awesome food, what a combo =). We ordered Watermelon daiquiri’s and the paella paradise which was mixed with chicken, jumbo shrimp, mussel, clams, calamari, sausage, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, garden vegetable Smoked pork ribs and saffron rice. It is meant to be shared but the three of us could not finish it on our own. Overall the food, drinks, and atmosphere were great and I will be visiting again.


Beverly Hills DSCN1460




Grabbed Lunch at Urth Cafe in Beverly Hills. Legit, every time I go out to eat I ALWAYS end up ordering something I do not like. After realizing this I would find myself picking and eating out of my friend’s plate, yes I’m that friend. But this time, I ended up ordering the best meal of all time and I was so proud of myself but the credibility goes to the Urth Cafe because their food is truly healthy and delicious. I had the Lasagna while my friends had the egg sandwich and grilled chicken panini sandwich.


San Diego’s Annual County Fair



The County Fair was so much fun. So many activities for both kids and adults. If you live in San Diego or are planning on visiting and have never been I recommend you go, you won’t regret it.


DSCN1578San Fransisco

Out of all the cities I’ve visited I fell in love with San Fransisco, the reason being is it’s more realistic and is similar to Brooklyn.


Toronto Canada 

DSCN1332 DSCN1336 DSCN1338 DSCN1339 DSCN1370 DSCN1389 DSCN1391

Montego Bay Jamaica

IMG_3223 IMG_3229 IMG_3276 IMG_3302 IMG_3525 IMG_3529 IMG_3531

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