Franklin Square

4F8D49E8-8E00-4024-8CA0-50609C1EE0C3Tee Shirt- Uniqlo Skirt- Amazon Jacket- Forever 21 (Old) Sneakers- Yeezys Sunnies – Raybans Necklaces- Forever 21


Never in a million years would I think I’d ever grow fond of satin skirts. The entire idea of satin skirts makes me think “granda”, but by the looks of it, I’d say I’m a sexy/ cool grandma lol. Satin skirts have been trending for quite some time now, so I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and test the satin waters. As you already know, I am now obsessed with print, particularly snakeskin and cheetah prints, so it only made sense to purchase a printed satin skirt. I wanted to look sexy all the while being comfortable so I paired the skirt with a knotted black tee shirt for contrast (knotted it myself) and sneakers. This is absolutely my go-to look for fall and I’ll definitely be styling another satin skirt very soon =)





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