Trends have expired


Sweater Prettylittlething 

Khaki pants Prettylittlething

Boots Ego Official 


Here’s something a little different from what you’re all used to seeing on my site. During my high school years my style was always “chic”. As I got older my style became a combination of both “chic and “casual”.

Because styling myself comes soo easily, I have a tendency of purchasing the same item in a different color or an item that is similar to something I already have in my wardrobe. I’ve made it my duty to try to mix up a lot of different colors and textures, hopefully as the year unwinds,  you’ll see more colors and textures.

In my opinion, style is not about “trends” and “new” its more about what you personally like and what makes you feel you look your best. I for one do not follow “trends” unless it’s an item I TRULY like. If you think about it, just as history repeats itself so do “trends”. Therefore, if I don’t like it this year and or this season maybe, just maybe, I might grow to like it years or seasons later. Wear what makes you happy and what you feel most sexy.

P.S sexy does not always mean “naked”. I personally hate too much provocative clothing. Ironically, looks that fully cover my body, but show a hint of skin make me feel way more sexier than being fully exposed.


Sidebar I know a lot of my looks have been from Prettylittlething and that will be changing very soon. I’m finally going to start venturing out and try my hardest to purchase items from different clothing stores !! In the mean time, just bear with me =)



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