Great Frog Winery

Winery 2

Top- Boohoo

Skirt- Forever21

Glasses-Charlotte Russe 


Winery 8

If you didn’t know, I LOVE wine. Over the years my love for hard liquor has diminished and wine has become my go-to drink for absolutely everything, which is why it wasn’t a bad idea to visit a winery. The Great Frogs Winery was soo cute. We were able to taste 6 different wines. At the end you’re given a full glass of your favorite wine option (I chose Tanyard). The cost was $35 each which included the wines and little snacks such as cheese and nuts. The atmosphere and people are really nice and welcoming, overall it was an amazing experience.

Winery 7

Winery 3

Winery 5

Winery 1

Winery 6

Winery 9

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