On Standby


Denim Jacket- Levi’s Tee-shirt Dress and Mid Boots-Missguided Choker-DIY Bracelet-Pandora Purse- Mango


Hey guys, I know it has been awhile, but I’m BACK again with a new blog post. I’m ABsOLUTLY obsessed with mid boots !! I always attempt to purchase tall boots but it just never works out lol. These mid boots are a must have! They’re not the most comfortable shoes ( i must admit) but are definitely super stylish. I decided to pair them with this tee-shirt dress and over-sized denim jacket for a more edgy comfortable look. This denim jacket is actually from the mens section ( I’m always shopping in the mens section). I love over-sized clothing, so as soon as i spotted this denim jacket i feel in love and purchased it in a large.






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